“Its easily a 9 out of 10 on quality of training been provided by Isaac , He’s got a great way of delivering the information and a wealth of knowledge/ experience from his many years spent out in the mining and engineering sectors in WA QLD ,over seas , The knowledge and learning has really helped my understand the mechanical side of fitting and turning, been able to break down a job while understanding the components , tolerances , clearances adjustments required to reassemble the unit makes my day to day life a lot more easier especially due to the remoteness of our work place , Along with that just having the confidence to carry out the job is a life saver Isaac has played a huge part on getting us up to a high level of work effectiveness an safeness . Out source institute has really helped out making the huge effort to come meet us in Roma town cause the travel would have just make this 10 times harder if we all had to get to a major city. So its a 9 out of 10 again, Isaacs knowledge and industry expectance has payed off 10x over been able to deliver the learning in the most easy and level headed way has seriously helped me achieve my huge goals. I’m pretty excited to see a few more of our other apprentices come through the outsource system cause we have had a top time and they have all heard about our learning in roma and cant wait to start into the process.”