Certificate III in Heavy Commercial Vehicle Mechanical Technology – (AUR31120)

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2 Years

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Open doors in heavy machinery mechanics with a Certificate III in Heavy Commercial Vehicle Mechanical Technology (AUR31120). You’ll be equipped with the skills and knowledge to work on a variety of tasks on heavy commercial vehicles in the automotive service and repair sector. Be guided by industry experts in a safe and supportive environment to gain your qualification.

What You’ll Study To Get Your Certificate 3 in Heavy Commercial Vehicle Mechanical Technology

By the end of your course, you’ll have the skills to diagnose problems, repair and service a range of components in heavy vehicles and equipment, including buses, trucks, earthmoving equipment, agricultural machinery and more. With a career in heavy vehicles, you’ll work on engines, cooling systems, hydraulics, electrical circuits, diesel systems and other essential parts. As a qualified heavy vehicle tradesperson, you’ll be high in demand, including in rural communities. Where will your heavy vehicle, machinery and equipment career take you?

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Brisbane engineering training course details

Cert. 3 in Heavy Commercial Vehicle Mechanical Technology Course Details

    Career Opportunities
    Course Eligibility

    Diesel Motor Mechanic

    Heavy Commercial Vehicle Technician

    Heavy Vehicle Mechanic

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    As a heavy vehicle apprenticeship-based course, students must:

    • Be undertaking an apprenticeship. Apprenticeships under state funding are required by the relevant state funding authority to:
      • Be employed in an industry workplace.
      • Have access to workplace equipment as part of their training and assessment, and;
      • Have access to workplace supervisors as part of their training and assessment.
    • Have adequate language, literacy and numeracy skills. At the Outsource Institute, we assess students’ ACSF levels and determine any necessary support requirements to ensure you can be successful in your studies. 

    All fee-for-service students must be employed with access to a relevant workplace. Industry experience is not necessary. Students do not need access to a supervisor, but may be a supervisor themselves.

    Students must hold pre-requisite units prior to commencing particular units in these qualifications. Current information about the prerequisite units can be found on the qualification information on training.gov.au.

    AUR31120 cert3 heavy commercial mechanic brisbane
    Certificate IV In Engineering (MEM40119)
    AUR31120 cert3 heavy commercial vehicle mechanic course brisbane
    Brisbane engineering training course units

    Units Of Competency

    Elective Unitsd
    • AURAEA002 Follow environmental and sustainability best practice in an automotive workplace
    • AURASA102 Follow safe working practices in an automotive workplace
    • AURETR112 Test and repair basic electrical circuits
    • AURETR124 Diagnose and repair compression ignition engine management systems
    • AURETR125 Test, charge and replace batteries and jump-start vehicles
    • AURETR129 Diagnose and repair charging systems
    • AURETR130 Diagnose and repair starting systems
    • AURHTE102 Diagnose and repair heavy vehicle compression ignition engines
    • AURHTF102 Diagnose and repair heavy vehicle diesel fuel injection systems
    • AURKTA005 Inspect, service and repair track type drive and support systems
    • AURKTA111 Diagnose and repair mobile plant hydraulic systems
    • AURKTB101 Diagnose and repair mobile plant braking systems
    • AURKTD102 Diagnose and repair mobile plant steering systems
    • AURKTQ101 Diagnose and repair mobile plant final drive assemblies
    • AURKTX101 Diagnose and repair powershift transmissions
    • AURTTA104 Carry out servicing operations
    • AURTTA006 Inspect and service hydraulic systems
    • AURTTA118 Carry out diagnostic procedures
    • AURTTC103 Diagnose and repair cooling systems
    • AURTTF105 Diagnose and repair engine forced induction systems
    • AURTTK102 Use and maintain tools and equipment in an automotive workplace
    • AURTTX106 Diagnose and repair hydrostatic transmissions
    • AURKTD101 Diagnose and repair mobile plant suspension systems
    • AURKTR101 Diagnose and repair electronic over hydraulic control systems
    • AURTTB101 Inspect and service braking systems
    • AURTTC001 Inspect service cooling systems
    • AURTTD002 Inspect and service steering systems
    • AURTTD004 Inspect and service suspension systems
    • AURTTE104 Inspect and service engines
    • AURTTE005 Overhaul engines
    • AURTTF102 Inspect and service diesel fuel injection systems
    • AURTTQ001 Inspect and service final drive assemblies
    • AURTTX102 Inspect and service manuals transmissions
    • AURTTX103 Inspect and service automatic transmissions
    • AURTTX104 Inspect and service hydrostatic transmissions
    • AURTTZ102 Diagnose and repair exhaust systems
    Recognition prior learning

    Recognition of Prior Learning

    Students with supporting evidence or prior education or work experience may be eligible for Prior Learning (RPL) or Credit Transfer (CT). These credits or units can be used to reduce your study load or shorten your course duration. Once enrolled, you can contact Student Support to arrange an assessment for eligibility with our dedicated trainers.

    course Assessment Methods

    Assessment Methods

    To complete your course, you’ll be required to complete both theory and practical assessments. These assessments will have you recall information and take part in scenario-based projects, also giving you the opportunity to build your digital assets portfolio with photos, audio, text and video. Your portfolio will be an invaluable tool in job hunting after you graduate.

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