Certificate IV In Engineering (Welding) – MEM40119

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18-48 Months

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Face to face, Online, Correspondence, On-the-job, Combination

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Advance your career in welding with a Certificate IV in Engineering (Welding). This course through the Outsource Institute will give you the hands-on practical experience and knowledge you need to step into a career as a welder, TIG welder, welding instructor and more. We have designed this course to give you this experience, plus expertise in safety, team communication and job planning.

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Why Study Engineering (Welding) With the Outsource

Welding is a highly in-demand role in Australia, and can take you down many career pathways. Become an instructor, supervisor or become specialised in TIG welding, pressure welding or advanced fabrication fabrication, all with this one certification.

At the Outsource Institute, we have partnered with industry leaders to ensure our teachings and training are up-to-date and the most relevant. This helps ensure you can advance your career with confidence and make finding new career opportunities easier. With our Brisbane campus, you get the best of study and thriving city life, or explore our online training options. Contact us today for more information.

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Engineering Welding Course Details

    Location for Training
    Career Opportunities
    Course Eligibility
    Recognition of Prior Learning

    Brisbane Technology Park, 1 Clunies Ross Court, Eight Mile Plains QLD 4113

    Attaining your Certification IV in Engineering (Welding) opens up many opportunities, including
    careers as a:

    • TIG Welder
    • Welder
    • Welding Instructor
    • Pressure Welder
    • Advanced Fabrication Technician (Structural)
    • Welding Supervisor

    To be eligible to study a Certificate IV in Engineering (Welding), students must:

    • Be undertaking an apprenticeship. Apprenticeships under state funding are required by the relevant state funding authority to:
      • Be employed in an industry workplace.
      • Have access to workplace equipment as part of their training and assessment, and;
      • Have access to workplace supervisors as part of their training and assessment.
    • Have adequate language, literacy and numeracy skills. At the Outsource Institute, we assess students’ ACSF levels and determine any necessary support requirements to ensure you can be successful in your studies.

    Fee-for-service students must be employed with access to a relevant workplace, but industry experience is not necessary. Students do not need access to a supervisor, but may be a supervisor themselves.

    Students must hold pre-requisite units prior to commencing particular units in these qualifications. Current information about the prerequisite units can be found on the qualification information on training.gov.au.

    You may be eligible for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) or Credit Transfer (CT) if you have supporting evidence for any prior education and work experience. These credits or units can either reduce your study load or shorten the duration of your course. If you believe you are eligible for recognition of prior learning, please contact Student Support after enrolment so they can arrange for one of our dedicated trainers to assess your eligibility.

    Recognition prior learning
    Certificate IV In Engineering (MEM40119)
    engineering course diploma technical MEM50222
    engineering training course australia

    Engineering Course Specialising in Welding Program

    To achieve your Advanced Diploma of Engineering — Mechanical, you will need to complete seven (7) core units of competency listed, and twenty-three (23) elective units, completing a total of thirty (30) units. You must complete up to eight (8) general elective units from the Group A list, and at least fifteen (15) specialist elective units from Group B, bringing the total number of elective units to twenty-three (23).

    Elective Unitsd
    Assessment Methods
    • (MEM13015) Work safely and effectively in manufacturing and engineering
    • (MSMENV272) Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices
    • (MEM16006) Organise and communicate information
    • (MEM11011) Undertake manual handling
    • (MEM12023) Perform engineering measurements
    • (MEM12024) Perform computations
    • (MEM14006) Plan work activities
    • (MEM16008) Interact with computing technology
    • (MEM17003) Assist in the provision of on-the-job training
    • (MEM18001) Use hand tools
    • (MEM18002) Use power tools/hand held operations
    • (MEM09002) Interpret technical drawing
    • MEM05052 Apply safe welding practices
    • MEM05012 Perform routine manual metal arc welding
    • MEM05049 Perform routine gas tungsten arc welding
    • MEM05050 Perform routine gas metal arc welding
    • MEM05056 Perform routine flux core arc welding
    • MEM05005 Carry out mechanical cutting
    • MEM05007 Perform manual heating and thermal cutting
    • MEM05071 Perform advanced manual thermal cutting, gouging and shaping
    • MEM05085 Select welding processes
    • MEM05090 Weld using manual metal arc welding process
    • MEM05096 Weld using flux core arc welding proces
    • MEM05062 Apply welding and welding related codes and standards
    • MEM05091 Weld using gas metal arc welding process
    • MEM05092 Weld using gas tungsten arc welding process
    • MEM05078 Apply welding principles
    • MEM05074 Perform advanced welding using gas tungsten arc welding process
    • MEM05061 Apply basic metallurgy principles to welding applications
    • MEM05072 Perform advanced welding using manual metal arc welding process
    • MEM05073 Perform advanced welding using gas metal arc welding process
    • MEM05084 Perform advanced welding using flux core arc welding process
    • MEM05065 Maintain weld records
    • MEM05068 Apply welding procedure specifications
    • MEM05081 Perform welds to code standards using gas tungsten arc welding process
    • MEM05082 Perform pipe welds to code standards using manual metal arc welding process
    • MEM05083 Perform welds to code standards using manual metal arc welding process

    Both practical and theoretical assessment are undertaken to achieve a Certificate IV In Engineering (Welding). To complete your theoretical questions, you’ll be required to answer questions using thought and input from the concepts studied. You’ll also be working on scenario-based projects, including the potential to build your portfolio with digital assets (photos, audio, video and text) that could later be used in your applications for jobs or for demonstrating professional competency.

    Study a Certificate IV in Engineering (Welding) with Flexible Payment Plans

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