Industry Partners & Collaborators

We collaborate with the best in the industry to help achieve our shared vision to make our trainees the most successful they can be, and to ensure that you receive top-notch training and gain the confidence it takes to succeed in the industry.

TechGirls Movement
Thinking Leaders
GRS Certification

Tech Girls Movement Foundation

The Tech Girls Movement Foundation (TGMF) actively challenges gender perceptions which limit girls’ participation in STEM through school-based early intervention programs for girls aged 7-17. The TGMF vision is of a society in which women can confidently contribute to their communities and the economy through STEM entrepreneurship and leadership.

The TGMF does this by highlighting the fundamental value of technological innovation and the vital roles that women play in this, both historically and into the future through complementary programs.
The flagship program is the Techgirls competition. Held annually across Australia and New Zealand, the 12 week program invites teams of schoolgirls to solve real-world problems through technology. The mentorship program matches each of these teams with a real-life female STEM industry expert who guides them through the program. In addition, gender stereotypes are challenged via a series of books entitled ‘Tech Girls are Superheroes’. These are produced and distributed in every primary and secondary school in Australia (9 966 schools) to showcase how a rewarding and successful STEM career is possible for women. Through engaging storytelling, these books present real-life women in STEM as superheroes changing the world for the better. The workshop program is delivered to girls from schools across Australia on coding, robotics, and entrepreneurship. Additional professional development workshops for teachers explore more effective delivery of the Australian Digital Technologies Curriculum. Lastly, the founder and CEO of the TGMF, Dr Jenine Beekhuyzen OAM, advocates globally for diversity and inclusion through public speaking events.

Total Injury Prevention Specialists (TIPS)

Total Injury Prevention Specialists (TIPS) founded by Paul Knotts in 2010 is Brisbane based, focusing on Injury Prevention, occupational health, safety, & ergonomics.

An orthopaedics & musculoskeletal Physiotherapist of over 26 years, Paul’s worked in the Government & Private sectors, always believing prevention is better than cure so actively educated people/patients to minimise injury risk.

He’s a WHS adviser, Q-Comp accredited trainer of Rehabilitation & Return to Work Coordinators, licenced Investigator, trains Ergonomics at WHS Diploma level, & was a Physio at the Sydney 2000 Olympics.

With wide experience as a Senior Consultant & Injury Prevention Services Manager, he wrote, developed & has delivered the comprehensive TIPS Injury Prevention & Manual Tasks Program across many industry sectors, greatly assisting clients in discharging their WHS obligations to have Safe Systems of Work for Manual Tasks.

TIPS consults Australia wide to minimise the significant expense & inconvenience of injuries. Previous & current TIPS clients include: Santos, QR, Senex Energy, QGC/Shell, Decmil, MPC Kinetic, Holmwood Highgate, RDO Group (John Deere, Vermeer)

TIPS Core Services Include:

  • TIPS Injury Prevention-Manual Tasks Training (F2F or live feed)
  • Industrial & Office Ergonomics Education-Assessments, pre/post injury (Incl. Home Workers Ergo/Safety)
  • Physical risk & hazard identification/solutions consulting
  • Stretch at Work Programs
  • Rehabilitation & Return to Work Coordinator & Legislation Training
  • Job Task Analyses
  • Pre-Employment Screening
  • Functional Capacity/Post Injury Assessments
  • Risk & Safety Assessments/Audits (Corporate & Industrial)

Trevor Roberts

Trevor-Roberts is a national career management and talent development company that helps people find and experience meaningful work.

Through our team of qualified and experienced coaches and facilitators across Australia, we develop and deliver programs in the following areas:

  • Career Management
  • Talent Development

We operate as a trusted partner to our client organisations, providing evidence-based, flexible, and client-focused programs that truly make a difference. Incorporating adult learning principles and blending human + technology ensures our programs result in optimal learning outcomes.

For over 25 years, we have worked with hundreds of organisations in the private, public sector and not-for-profit sectors, of all sizes and across all industries. So far, our programs have helped over 10,000 individuals improve their working lives.

Thinking Leaders

As individuals progress along their career paths, particularly from technical roles to leadership positions, the importance of leadership skills becomes increasingly evident. While technical expertise may open doors initially, it is leadership skills that ultimately determine one’s success in guiding teams, fostering innovation and driving organisational growth.

In the journey from technician to leader, the transition involves a shift from focusing primarily on individual tasks to inspiring and empowering others to achieve collective goals. Leadership skills such as effective communication, emotional intelligence decision-making, and conflict resolution become paramount in navigating this evolution. Technicians such as engineers must learn to delegate tasks, communicate vision and expectations clearly, and motivate their teams to achieve excellence.

Thinking Leaders, a company renowned for its expertise in leadership development, recognises the critical role of leadership skills in this journey. Through tailored programs and coaching, Thinking Leaders equips individuals with the tools and insights needed to thrive as leaders. Their approach emphasises not only technical competence but also the cultivation of empathy, collaboration and strategic thinking.

At Thinking Leaders, the focus extends beyond traditional leadership paradigms, emphasising the importance of self-awareness, authenticity and self-leadership. By nurturing these qualities, individuals transitioning from technical roles to leadership positions are empowered to lead with integrity, inspire trust and drive positive change within their organisations.

As individuals progress from technicians to leaders, the cultivation of leadership skills becomes indispensable. Thinking Leaders plays a pivotal role in supporting this journey, equipping individuals with the mindset and capabilities needed to excel in leadership roles, building trust and high performance in themselves and others, all of which directly impact the productivity, retention and ultimately the bottom line of the organisation.

Curious to learn more?

Contact Linda Scott at: Email –

Phone: +61 415 989 677


Linda Scott - Thinking Leaders

Hollyberry Business Consulting

You have a Vision… We can help you get there faster.

You’re busy, your business is expanding or just starting up, and you need all the assistance and expertise to grow. Our experience allows us to immediately identify suitable Government programs to support your business strategy. With our hands on approach, we do everything for you, while you work on your business… that’s our promise and the Hollyberry Advantage.

We at Hollyberry are passionate about adding value to your business and ensuring that you are able to maximise any grants that may be applicable to your company. Our extensive experience allows us to take out the hassles and hurdles that may arise from grant applications and will collaborate with you to reach the best outcome. We take pride in being able to assist you from the beginning, to the end (and any further follow ups ie. Audits), or thereafter.

Kitney OHS

Kitney OHS is a South East Queensland based consultancy providing specialist and general WHS, quality, environmental and risk services to enable organisations to meet their obligations, business, tender, and customer needs.

We work with sectors of the Government, Boards, executives, business owners, managers, workers, WHS personnel, lawyers, HR managers, educators, and industry groups to ensure effective WHS, quality, environment, and risk management. Our leadership team boasts 45 combined years WHS industry and leadership experience serving small, medium and large organisations, Kitney has also innovated a global, first to market product called Toolkit 365 Systems. The system is built on the power and potential of Microsoft 365 and provides a smart and simple online WHS system using your Microsoft 365 licence. Kitney OHS has developed cost effective and user-friendly products, because we strongly believe that cost, complexity and location should not be a barrier to managing workplace health and safety.
Kitney OHS is managed and led by Jo Kitney, Director and Principal Consultant. Our team are qualified and professionally recognised, have held operational and management positions and many years’ experience in industry. Our strong professional backgrounds ensure we deliver solutions that work in the short, medium and longer term.

Our team is supported by our General Manager, Director of Strategic Solutions, Engagement and Solutions Manager, office administration, web and graphic designer, IT and systems support, all aimed at delivering business solutions and creating better, safer workplaces



Empowering positive change for business owners in Australia.

By providing all the tools you need, we can transform your businesses. With Link, you won’t need to coordinate a team far and wide to seek the best advice on building your business. Instead, find a diverse team of experts that deliver epic accounting, bookkeeping, marketing, and financing services
for your business. Consider us your secret weapon behind the scenes; united in making your business the very best it can be. Link is made up of:

Link Advisors

Link Advisors aren’t your typical accountants. We focus on taking your business to the next level through excellent communication, the best technology, a genuine relationship and, of course, great advice.

Link Strategies

Link Strategies helps business owners drive their business forward, using personalised bookkeeping and cloud-based software. You will find freedom in your business.

Link Pixel

Have a fresh approach to marketing, focusing on clever strategies that will transform your business in the short and long term. Our aim is finding long lasting success and increasing staying power, to
take your business to the next level.

Link Advance

When it comes to getting business finance, having an expert finance broker on your side is essential. We make a difference in our clients’ lives through customised financing solutions designed for your needs.

We’re proud of Link, and the relationships we have with our clients. Come have a chat and see for yourself the positive difference we can make.


Managing people is tough. Wattsnext are here to help.

Our passion and expertise is business!  We are a full-service People Performance partner, providing a diverse range of services. If you need high level business strategy, assurance you meet legislative HR requirements, help attracting the best talent or support to lead and develop your people we have you covered.

With offices in Brisbane and New York City, our team of talented consultants provide commercial, practical, and real-world advice and support to our clients.
The heat of our business approach is explained best in the wattsnext Group mission. What is that you ask? Simple. To create great workplaces!


Weld – Tech

Weld Tech Training provides training, coaching and upskilling services to the welding and fabrication industries and specialises in welder qualification, welder certification, welding procedure development and QA/QC activities.

We also provide assessment and coaching in correct maintenance welding methods, as part of our Mining Welder Competency accreditation and are current Educational Institution members of the American Welding Society.

Custom Fluidpower

Custom Fluidpower and Outsource Institute have partnered to offer an extensive and trusted knowledge of the industry and a complete solution to all your training needs in Engineering (Hydraulics). Custom Fluid Power Training, established in 2009, is one of the largest hydraulics, pneumatics and electronics solutions providers in Australia. Collectively we are now able to provide access to state of the art training facilities and rigs at four training locations across Australia, in Newcastle NSW, Mackay QLD, Perth WA and Brisbane QLD.


Available Hydraulics Courses

Hydraulics 1.0

Maintain hydraulic system components

Hydraulics 3.0

Maintain fluid power controls

Hydraulics 2.0

Maintain hydraulic systems

Hydraulics 4.0

Modify fluid power system operation

MDG41 Fluid Power Safety

Designed to provide guidance and to assist tradespersons in managing the risks associated with fluid power systems at mine sites


SMC Corporation (Australia) Pty Ltd

SMC Corporation (Australia) Pty Ltd and Outsource Institute (AUS) have formed an Industry Partnership to offer a solution to your Pneumatics training needs. This Partnership combines SMC Corporation (Australia) Pty Ltd unrivaled industry knowledge and experience with Outsources ability to deliver high quality nationally accredited qualifications and skill sets.

SMC Corporation (Australia) Pty Ltd has established a position as the world leader in pneumatics, a position supported by superior customer service, a quality product range of over 700,000 product variations and the commitment to new products developed each year from the R & D and technical centers located in Japan, USA and Europe. With manufacturing centers positioned strategically around the globe SMC Corporation (Australia) Pty Ltd supports its customers with both standard and specially modified and designed products. Committed to providing superior customer service SMC Corporation (Australia) Pty Ltd Ltd looks forward to providing value added support to your business.

Available Pneumatics Courses

Pneumatics 1 - Introduction To Pneumatic Automation

3 day course
Maintain Pneumatic System Component
Pneumatic systems applications and characteristics
Pneumatic automation systems components and layout

Pneumatics 2 - Maintain And Repair Pneumatics Systems

2 day course
Maintain Pneumatic Systems
Pneumatic systems preventative maintenance and services
Automation systems breakdown analysis and root cause
Pneumatic automation systems commissioning

Combined Pneumatics 1 & Pneumatics 2

5 day course
Maintain Pneumatic Systems
Pneumatic systems preventative maintenance and services
Automation systems breakdown analysis and root cause
Pneumatic automation systems commissioning

Weld Australia

Outsource Institute (AUS) is proud to announce that we have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Weld Australia to provide industry recognition to our students. Following completion of their training, Outsource students will now be able to obtain the Weld Australia AS/NZS 2214 and/or AS1796-10 qualification (upon successful completion of the relevant exam(s)).

Weld Australia is the peak body representing the welding profession in Australia, with a vision to facilitate the growth of a world class welding industry. Working together, Weld Australia and Outsource Institute aim to collectively ensure that the Australian welding industry remains both locally and globally competitive, now and into the future.


Workforce Success

Workforce Success and Outsource Institute have formed an industry partnership to offer complimentary services to our client bases. Outsource Institute offers nationally accredited qualifications and skill sets within our scope of registration to Workforce Success’ clients and Workforce Success offers labour hire, temporary and permanent recruitment services to meet the business needs of Outsource Institute’s clients. Workforce Success recruitment and consulting teams are the best in the business and work hard to find the right fit for job seekers and clients. Workforce Success are proud to have been working with the same clients for 15-17 years and counting and attribute their long-standing business relationships to their belief in adding value to clients.

The Workforce Success Difference? 

They offer an unrivaled money back guarantee. They do this because they believe in creating accountability in the recruitment industry and want to ensure peace of mind by taking all the risk out of the recruitment process. If you need expert recruitment specialists you can trust, let the team at Workforce Success bring quality, value, and results to your business

RPR Trades

Established in 2015, and with offices across Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, RPR Trades offers complete workforce recruitment and management solutions in the skilled and semi-skilled blue-collar sectors, through industry experts dedicated to specialised Recruitment, optimised Performance and mitigated Risk.

GRS Certification

Global Registrar of Systems (GRS)

Outsource Institute (AUS) is excited to partner with Global Registrar of Systems (GRS), a JAS-ANZ Accredited Conformity Assessment Body. GRS has effective and proven auditing and certification technologies which help improve business performance. We are proud to share this partnership allows us to offer our students access to Lead Auditor Training Courses on various ISO Standards which are Exemplar Global accredited such as the Lead Auditor (LA), Internal Auditor (IA) and Awareness training.

ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management Systems Training

ISO 9001:2015 Awareness (ID 477673)

We shall deliver the knowledge about the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard. You will understand the concepts, approaches, methods, and techniques used to implement a Quality Management System. Training material containing information and practical examples will be distributed.

Recognition: This training is recognized by Exemplar Global.
Duration: 1 Day.
Exam Requirement: No.
Prerequisites: No.

ISO 9001:2015 Internal Auditor (ID 4777672)

This course is for those who require full knowledge of how to conduct an internal audit of a quality, management system. Ideally suited to those who have to develop, implement, maintain, improve, manage, or audit against ISO 9001:2015. Our Quality Management Systems Internal Auditor course will leave you ready to hit the ground running.

Recognition: This training is recognized by Exemplar Global.
Duration: 2 days.
Exam Requirement: No.
Prerequisites: No.

ISO 9001:2015 Lead Auditor (ID 4777671)

If you want to be a QMS Lead Auditor, and if you are seeking knowledge to prepare yourself to perform and lead Quality Management System (QMS) certification audits, we highly recommend you attend this course. Throughout the course, participants will complete a series of workshops that form part of the assessment. A short multiple-choice exam at the completion of each module assesses the knowledge and understanding gained throughout the training. Participants receive continual assistance and feedback from the trainer and are given anecdotal examples of real-world audit situations.

Recognition: This training is recognised by Exemplar Global.
Duration: 5 days.
Exam Requirement: Yes.
Prerequisites: No.

Student Testimonials

We’ve partnered with the best in the industry to ensure that you receive top-notch training and gain the confidence it takes to succeed in the industry.

Muni Pillay
Muni Pillay
I had a wonderful learning experience with Outsource Institute. Highly recommend!
Chris Ross
Chris Ross
I completed the Advanced Diploma in mechanical engineering with Outsource Institute, all at distance and self paced. This was the only institute in QLD that had the full AD available online. I found the teachers to be very responsive and helpful which is critical when studying at distance. The resources and content were all well set out and have given me a good base of knowledge to build from while working in engineering. Thank you Outsource Institute.
Harry Singh
Harry Singh
Very Professional and Helpful people in the Institute,
Jessica Boxtel
Jessica Boxtel
I recently completed a welding course through outsource institute. Neil was an exceptional trainer throughout the entire process. He was extremely knowledgeable and always happy to help. Thanks Neil!
Stephen Love
Stephen Love
Great place, friendly staff.